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A New Chapter Begins

February 11th, 2012 by bthomas

So here we are… everything we know about the Buffyverse is about to be turned on it’s head.  Buffy is heading to college and with that, the innocence of high school is over.  No more comforting confines in the library, no more Giles just down the hall, no more gang every hour of the day.  College changes everything in the Buffyverse.

As we kick off season four of Buffy, there are many questions that need answering.  What will happen to Giles? What is going to become of Xander? Will Angel ever come back? How will Buffy do without the Watcher’s Council, or even a watcher for that matter?

Season four is a pivotal season for Buffy due to the change of scenery and direction.  As we travel through the season we will meet new faces, fight new demons, and forge new relationships.  I hope you will share with us your thoughts, questions, and concerns via comments to episodes and blogs.  So saddle up, we are in for a bumpy and fun ride.

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