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Episode 103: Season 5 Wrap Up

June 3rd, 2013 by bthomas

Season 5 WrapWait… Buffy’s dead? NO!!!!!  J. and Brian take a look back at season five and talk about their favorite moments, characters, and all around feelings for what was to be the last season on the WB Network.

Podcast Length: 17:25

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  1. bdegrande

    Congrats on making it though 5 seasons. The Buffy podcast I work on doesn’t look like it ever will. Anyway, I am really looking forward to season 6 since it is such a divisive season.

    I fall in the “hate it” camp. I recognize that there is good, I love Once More with Feeling and Tabula Rasa, I think Normal Again is a fascinating episode, Dark Willow is great, and I love that Xander saves the world while Buffy is helpless. I also love “I’d like to test that theory”.

    I also don’t dislike it because of the dark, depressing tone, as many do. I do a Dexter podcast, I am not going to complain about dark, and the end of season 2 of Buffy is quite dark, and it is some of my favorite Buffy ever.

    Buffy is always first and foremost about the characters for me, more than the plot or dialogue or whatever. I think Joss is an absolute genius at characters, and Marti Noxon, to make a huge understatement, is not. I think that the characters we know and love are just being used to advance plot points – Giles needs to leave, Anya becomes a vengeance demon, Spike gets a soul, etc.

    Let’s take Giles. Giles HAD to leave, as Anthony Stewart Head wanted to spend more time in England, and they had been foreshadowing it. However, Giles leaving so that Buffy can stand on her own two feet only makes sense until Buffy dies. Once that happens, Giles would have NEVER abandoned her so soon, and they had to write a more compelling reason – a dying relative needed care, Ethan Rayne is running amok and Giles thinks he’s the only one who could stop him, the Council came to its senses and decided to put Giles in charge, whatever. They simply didn’t bother.

    Spike. Spike, with or without a soul or chip, has always been a hopeless romantic (“love’s bitch”). He would never have tried to rape Buffy. James objected to the way his character was written (as did Sarah about Buffy) and was told to shut up and do what he was told or face a lawsuit As a result, we get to see the unfathomable, Spike being the victim in an abusive relationship – Spike totally without swagger. Huh?

    Willow, Her growth in magic is one of the best things in the series, gradually getting more and more powerful, having spells fizzle, gaining the power to make Amy human without realizing it – until season 6, when the ham-fisted magic=addiction metaphor takes over. Take Beer Bad, remove the humor, and stretch it out over half a season. Yay? As someone who has worked with addicts, they got Willow’s “addicted” behavior wrong many different ways.

    Xander. We know exactly what Xander is, not horribly strong or bright, but a little braver than he should be and fiercely loyal to his friends. He risks his own life for them, not only in the “yellow crayon” speech in this season but earlier – The Zeppo, Triangle, etc. Anya, whatever her faults, is totally loyal to Xander, He would be the ABSOLUTE LAST character to be scared off by that dream.

    Foreshadowing something doesn’t relieve you of the obligation to write something remotely believable, and screwing around with major characters is to me unforgivable. Characters acting in ways they never would is not “growth”.

    One slight comment on the tone of the season. In a season with no likable characters (Clem?) that might not be the best time to turn your comic relief (The Trio) into killers.

    There is quite literally nothing between Tabula Rasa and Normal Again that I would ever want to watch again, having to do so and infuriate my audience was one reason I never wanted to host a Buffy podcast even though it’s my favorite show.

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  2. bthomas

    Thanks Bob! We are excited to work through these last two seasons. It’s amazing we have come this far. Season six is one I remember loving a lot. I am excited to see what I feel on the second what. You make some good points. I will have to pay attention as I watch again.


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