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Episode 66: S4E10 Hush

April 9th, 2012 by bthomas

The entire town of Sunnydale falls under the spell of a group of fairy tale monsters called the Gentlemen. They steal everyone’s voices, then set out to cut out seven hearts as a part of a ritual. No longer able to verbalize, the gang uses interesting methods to get to the bottom of the case. Even The Initiative is scrambling to try and contain the situation but they have no clue what is happening.

Podcast Length: 27:33

Brian:  dustingdustingdustingdusting
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  1. bdegrande

    Like probably everyone else, this is one of my favorite episodes, although I like a number of the earlier ones quite a bit more than you do. Anya would have been a great silent comedian, and her eating popcorn watching Giles’ lecture is another one of the great sight gags of this episode.

    Olivia did appear again, as part of a “family unit” with Giles and Buffy in Restless.

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