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Episode 67: S4E11 Doomed

April 16th, 2012 by bthomas

Picking up where last week left off, Buffy and Riley argue a bit about each one having kept secrets from the other but an earthquake interrupts their conversation. Buffy worries that the earthquiake signifies the end of the world, and turns out to be right. The Vahrall demons want to end the world via the Sunnydale Hellmouth, using the blood of a man, the bones of a child, the Word of Valios (a talisman that Giles possesses and believed was fake), and three sacrifices.

Podcast Length: 20:37

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  1. bdegrande

    Excellent episode. I did think that Spike had more than two good lines, in particular his speech to Xander and Willow – “for Christmas and the safety of puppies”, etc. is one of my favorite moments. I liked Spike’s recovery from being down in the dumps far more than either the demon apocalypse threat or the Buffy/Riley story.

    Also, on Sunnydale being slow to rebuild/demolish the high school, you have to remember that the city government must have been in a shambles with the mayor and the deputy mayor dead.

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