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Episode 72: S4E16 Who Are You?

May 21st, 2012 by bthomas

“Buffy” finds her new found freedom liberating and she takes advantage of this life before she leaves town for good having secured a flight out the next morning. She hangs out at the Bronze, does the nasty dance with random guys, flirts with Spike, and even manages to insult Tara who Willow finally decides to introduce to her friends. “Buffy” also visits Riley and decides to take this body out for ride but loses her cool when Riley tells her he loves her. Meanwhile, the three mysterious men who arrived last time are revealed to be a commando unit from the Watcher’s Council who intend to take Faith back to England for her rehabilitation. They capture “Faith” from police custody and take refuge in an old warehouse while “Faith” tries to tell them she’s really Buffy but no one believes.

Podcast Length: 26:30

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