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Episode 115: S6E13 Dead Things

September 9th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e13Buffy continues her tryst with Spike and even confides in Tara that the vampire can now hurt her. Tara agrees to research if Buffy came back “wrong” from the resurrection spell. Meanwhile, the Trio’s latest escapade to make Warren’s ex-girlfriend Katrina their willing slave goes horribly wrong when she is accidentally killed. The Trio use magical and demonic forces to make Buffy think that she has killed Katrina – and it works. With finding out the truth about her resurrection and believing she killed an innocent girl, Buffy’s world begins to fall apart.

Podcast Length: 28:32

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 113: S6E12 Gone

August 26th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e11Buffy and Dawn clear the house of magic items in order to help Willow with her magic addiction. Buffy gets a surprise visit from a social worker checking on Dawn’s home life. The meeting doesn’t go well and in a fit of rage afterwards, Buffy cuts off her hair. Meanwhile, the Geek Trio have built an invisibility ray using that stolen diamond and of course they hit Buffy with it.

Podcast Length: 28:53

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 111: S6E9 Smashed

August 12th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e9Willow, reeling from the breakup with Tara, figures out a way to turn Amy back into a human once and for all. The two witches hang out and start using a ton of magic, drawing Willow further into her addiction. Willow develops a taste for real power and discovers she likes it.

Podcast Length: 26:36

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 107: S6E5 Life Serial

July 15th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e5After Buffy returns from her visit with Angel – which she refuses to discuss – Giles tries to help her get back on the track of living. Buffy decides to go back to school and to get a job working at Xander’s construction site. Little does she know that her newest foes – Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew – are scheming against her by doing everything from planting time-shifting devices on her person to conjuring demons for her to fight which ruins her job at the construction site.

Podcast Length: 24:20

Podcast Format: MP3

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