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Season 6 Extra: Chance (2002)

November 18th, 2013 by bthomas

chanceChance is a twenty-something slacker living in L.A, who relies on a trust fund for finances. Her friend Simon, a not very successful telemarketer sleeps on her couch. One day, Simon comes home from the grocery store to find a woman in Chance’s bed who won’t wake up. In flashbacks we see how these two met, meet Chance’s odd family, and some of their friends.

Podcast Length: 38:12

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 124: Season 6 Wrap

November 11th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e22Another season is in the books, so what did J and Brian think about it? Who stood out this season? All will be answered with our season six wrap up episode.

Podcast Length: 20:52

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 123: S6E21 & 22 Two to Go & Grave

November 4th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e22After Willow exacts revenge on Warren for Tara’s death, an extremely powerful and vengeful Willow now vows to go after the other two members of the trio, Jonathan and Andrew. This forces Buffy into the unlikely role of nerd-villain protector still seeing them as human and not worthy of death for their crimes.

Podcast Length: 49:47

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 122: S6E20 Villains

October 28th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e20Willow tries to bring Tara back to life, but she is told it won’t work because her’s is a natural death. Angry that she died, Willow runs to the magic shop and draws the dark power from the books into her, causing her hair and eyes to turn black.

Podcast Length: 28:24

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 121: S6E19 Seeing Red

October 21st, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e19The Trio move full swing into their biggest plan ever, stealing a pair of mystical orbs which give the bearer super strength and invulnerability. They attempt to rob an armoured van but Buffy crashes the party resulting in a battle between her and Super Warren.

Podcast Length: 30:24

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 120: S6E18 Entropy

October 14th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e18Anya returns to seeks vengeance on Xander, but do to a clause in the vengeance code she cannot do so herself and finds it hard to get anyone to wish harm upon him. Meanwhile, Xander, Buffy, and Willow discover that the trio has been spying on them all over town with a series of video cameras.

Podcast Length: 24:38

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 119: S6E17 Normal Again

October 7th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e17Buffy Summers has been a patient in a mental institution and for the last six years has suffered from severe dissociative disorder. She’s created a fanciful world around her with magic and demons where she stars as the central figure and superhero. However, her cast of characters has become too big and the world is unbalanced.

Podcast Length: 24:50

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 118: S6E16 Hells Bells

September 30th, 2013 by bthomas

Buffy-S6E16dThe Xander-Anya wedding is finally here and Xander is feeling the pressure of a groom to be. His obnoxious family gives him grief, his bride-to-be’s demon friends and family make him nervous, and he’s having serious second thoughts about this next stage in life. To top it off a man claiming to be Xander’s future self suddenly appears, and warns him that his marriage to Anya will be the beginning of a life of disgrace and pain.

Podcast Length: 24:35

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 117: S6E15 As You Were

September 23rd, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e15Buffy’s attempt to re-enroll at UC-Sunnydale fails because she missed the application deadline meaning outside of slaying, her only other outlet is the Doublemeat Palace. Riley Finn returns to Sunnydale in pursuit of a demon and seeks Buffy’s help in killing it. He also comes with a surprise… he is married.

Podcast Length: 20:52

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 116: S6E14 Older and Far Away

September 16th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e14Buffy fights a demon and stabs it with its own sword which absorbs the demon and Buffy takes it with her. Meanwhile friends gather at the Summers home for Buffy’s 21st birthday party and it goes off without a hitch – mostly. Feeling neglected by Buffy and the gang, Dawn wishes people would stop leaving her and that wish is granted by Anya’s demon friend Halfrek, who binds the attendees of the party to the house

Podcast Length: 25:58

Podcast Format: MP3

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