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Episode 122: S6E20 Villains

October 28th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e20Willow tries to bring Tara back to life, but she is told it won’t work because her’s is a natural death. Angry that she died, Willow runs to the magic shop and draws the dark power from the books into her, causing her hair and eyes to turn black.

Podcast Length: 28:24

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 121: S6E19 Seeing Red

October 21st, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e19The Trio move full swing into their biggest plan ever, stealing a pair of mystical orbs which give the bearer super strength and invulnerability. They attempt to rob an armoured van but Buffy crashes the party resulting in a battle between her and Super Warren.

Podcast Length: 30:24

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 118: S6E16 Hells Bells

September 30th, 2013 by bthomas

Buffy-S6E16dThe Xander-Anya wedding is finally here and Xander is feeling the pressure of a groom to be. His obnoxious family gives him grief, his bride-to-be’s demon friends and family make him nervous, and he’s having serious second thoughts about this next stage in life. To top it off a man claiming to be Xander’s future self suddenly appears, and warns him that his marriage to Anya will be the beginning of a life of disgrace and pain.

Podcast Length: 24:35

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 116: S6E14 Older and Far Away

September 16th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e14Buffy fights a demon and stabs it with its own sword which absorbs the demon and Buffy takes it with her. Meanwhile friends gather at the Summers home for Buffy’s 21st birthday party and it goes off without a hitch – mostly. Feeling neglected by Buffy and the gang, Dawn wishes people would stop leaving her and that wish is granted by Anya’s demon friend Halfrek, who binds the attendees of the party to the house

Podcast Length: 25:58

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 115: S6E13 Dead Things

September 9th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e13Buffy continues her tryst with Spike and even confides in Tara that the vampire can now hurt her. Tara agrees to research if Buffy came back “wrong” from the resurrection spell. Meanwhile, the Trio’s latest escapade to make Warren’s ex-girlfriend Katrina their willing slave goes horribly wrong when she is accidentally killed. The Trio use magical and demonic forces to make Buffy think that she has killed Katrina – and it works. With finding out the truth about her resurrection and believing she killed an innocent girl, Buffy’s world begins to fall apart.

Podcast Length: 28:32

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 112: S6E10 Wrecked

August 19th, 2013 by bthomas

The morning breaks and neither Buffy nor Willow came home from a night of debauchery. Buffy is ashamed of having slept with Spike and Willow is exhausted from casting spells with Amy all night. Amy takes Willow to a warlock whose particular brand of magic quickly has Willow hooked while Buffy tries to rationalize Willow’s struggles to Xander and Anya which is actually a cover to try and convince herself that sleeping with Spike was okay as a “one time deal”

Podcast Length: 25:22

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 111: S6E9 Smashed

August 12th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e9Willow, reeling from the breakup with Tara, figures out a way to turn Amy back into a human once and for all. The two witches hang out and start using a ton of magic, drawing Willow further into her addiction. Willow develops a taste for real power and discovers she likes it.

Podcast Length: 26:36

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 110: S6E8 Tabula Rasa

August 5th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e8Desperate to erase the guilt and ill feelings after learning of Buffy’s true afterlife destination, Willow performs a spell to make her forget that she was actually in heaven, despite Tara’s pleas for her to curb her use of magic. However, the spell goes awry and the whole gang all wake up with amnesia, forgetting everything about their lives including the existence of vampires and the Slayer.

Podcast Length: 28:11

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 109: S6E7 Once More, With Feeling

July 29th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e7A mysterious force causes everyone in Sunnydale to reveal all of their innermost thoughts and feelings by way of song and dance turning all of Sunnydale into a big Broadway-style musical.

Podcast Length: 38:08

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 108: S6E6 All The Way

July 22nd, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e6Dawn lies to Buffy and spends Halloween night joyriding and partying with her friend Janice and two older boys. Giles discovers Dawn’s deception after a call from her friend’s mother and he goes to look for Buffy who’s gone patrolling with Spike. Dawn develops a crush on one of the boys, Justin, and receives her first real kiss. But the boys reveal themselves to be vampires.

Podcast Length: 28:08

Podcast Format: MP3

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