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Episode 123: S6E21 & 22 Two to Go & Grave

November 4th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e22After Willow exacts revenge on Warren for Tara’s death, an extremely powerful and vengeful Willow now vows to go after the other two members of the trio, Jonathan and Andrew. This forces Buffy into the unlikely role of nerd-villain protector still seeing them as human and not worthy of death for their crimes.

Podcast Length: 49:47

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 122: S6E20 Villains

October 28th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s6e20Willow tries to bring Tara back to life, but she is told it won’t work because her’s is a natural death. Angry that she died, Willow runs to the magic shop and draws the dark power from the books into her, causing her hair and eyes to turn black.

Podcast Length: 28:24

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 101: S5E21 The Weight of the World

May 20th, 2013 by bthomas

S5E21Willow decides she must try and reach Buffy so she psychically enters The Slayer’s mind through a loophole. Willow sees several replays of Buffy’s childhood including when she first sees her sister. She also sees Buffy as she is now smothering Dawn to death. Buffy’s guilt over Dawn being kidnapped finally proved to her that she is no match for Glory and she believes she killed Dawn herself.

Podcast Length: 32:33

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 99: S5E19 Tough Love

May 6th, 2013 by bthomas

S5E19Buffy withdraws from college in order to take care of Dawn who it turns out has been skipping school. Dawn’s principal warns Buffy that she might not be found fit to be Dawn’s legal guardian. Buffy resolves to be more like a mother than a sister. Willow and Tara have their first fight as Tara admits she’s frightened by how powerful Willow is becoming.

Podcast Length: 33:58

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 97: S5E17 Forever

April 22nd, 2013 by bthomas

S5E17After Joyce’s funeral, Dawn stays with Willow and Tara and tells them that she wants a spell to bring her mother. The two witches insist it cannot and should not be done though Willow points Dawn in the right direction by revealing a book on witchcraft history.

Podcast Length: 36:12

Podcast Format: MP3

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Episode 91: S5E11 Triangle

March 11th, 2013 by bthomas

btvs_s5e11Buffy is an emotional wreck in the wake of Riley’s departure and Giles goes to England hoping the Watchers Council has information on Glory. Meanwhile, Willow and Anya are at each other’s throats and accidentally summon a troll, Olaf, who happens to be an ex-boyfriend of Anya’s.

Podcast Length: 23:43

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Episode 66: S4E10 Hush

April 9th, 2012 by bthomas

The entire town of Sunnydale falls under the spell of a group of fairy tale monsters called the Gentlemen. They steal everyone’s voices, then set out to cut out seven hearts as a part of a ritual. No longer able to verbalize, the gang uses interesting methods to get to the bottom of the case. Even The Initiative is scrambling to try and contain the situation but they have no clue what is happening.

Podcast Length: 27:33

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Episode 65: S4E9 Something Blue

April 2nd, 2012 by bthomas

Willow is still reeling from Oz’s departure and this is worsened when she drops by his place to see all of his stuff is gone. Desperate to find some peace, Willow casts a spell which she intends to use to “wish” broken heart to heal. Instead, it backfires and causes other definitive statements from her to come true. Giles goes blind, Xander becomes a literal demon magnet, and Buffy and Spike fall in love and get engaged.

Podcast Length: 20:16

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Episode 62: S4E6 Wild at Heart

March 13th, 2012 by bthomas

One night while dusting a vamp on campus, Spike is watching Buffy and hearing her complain about any “real” challenges in slaying lately. He then begins to talk aloud to himself about how he’s gonna really get her this time when out of nowhere Spike is shot with a tazer. Unable to move we see our mysterious commando-people drag him off into the woods.

Meanwhile, Oz escapes from his cage while in wolf mode, runs across another werewolf and wakes up next to her naked in the wilderness the next morning.

Podcast Length: 28:23

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Episode 57: S4E1 The Freshman

February 5th, 2012 by bthomas

Summer’s over and so is high school as Buffy, Willow, and Oz are starting their college career at UC Sunnydale. While Oz and Willow are enjoying their new stage in life, Buffy is not.  On her first night of patrolling, Buffy gets bested by a female vampire named Sunday who leads a gang of vamps on campus who pick on the “weaker ones” from the freshman class.

Podcast Length: 36:52

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